Non-immigrant Visas

The firm handles matters in all major, business related temporary employment classifications, including:

  • H-1B Temporary workers in specialty occupations
  • L-1 Intracompany transferees
  • E-1/E-2 Treaty Trader/Treaty Investors
  • E-3 Australian Temporary workers in specialty occupations
  • F-1 Students with CPT and OPT Authorization
  • J-1 Trainees and Interns
  • O-1 Extraordinary Ability Aliens
  • TN Canadian and Mexican Professional Workers
  • P-1 Athletes


Permanent Residence - Immigrant Visas

The firm has extensive experience handling all employment-based permanent resident classifications, including:

  • Applications for Permanent Employment Certification (“PERM”)
  • Extraordinary Ability Aliens
  • Outstanding Professors and Researchers
  • Multinational Executives and Managers
  • National Interest Waiver Cases
  • Schedule A Classifications


Citizenship and Naturalization

We handle all matters respecting the attainment of U.S. citizenship.


In addition to the above, the firm also processes permanent resident applications based on marriage, K-1 fiance visas, and related filings in the permanent resident context such as employment authorization and advance parole applications, reentry permits, applications to preserve residence for naturalization purposes, returning resident visas, and applications to remove the condition of residence.

Advice and Counsel in connection with Corporate Restructuring and Mergers and Acquisitions

Every corporate restructuring has the potential to raise critical issues under the U.S. immigration laws. A thorough review and consideration of the possible impact of each proposed corporate reorganization, especially in the context of mergers and acquisitions, is imperative to obtain the most positive outcome and protect the client’s interests to the fullest extent possible. Pre-deal services include conducting due-diligence reviews, providing advice regarding the most advantageous corporate structure including the establishment of subsidiaries, and conducting reviews of employees in nonimmigrant status whose employment authorization may be affected by proposed transactions.


Immigration Compliance Audits and Investigations

We regularly work with human resources personnel to reduce employers’ potential exposure to government fines, penalties and other employer-sanctions for irregularities in record-keeping and reporting. We take a proactive approach and offer I-9, LCA and Public Access File compliance reviews, as well as assisting in the development and documentation of HR processes related to immigration matters and record-keeping.


In-House Training and Seminars

The Firm offers on-site corporate seminars and training programs designed to familiarize human resources professionals with continually evolving immigration laws and policies and to provide up-to-date information to foreign national employees regarding their obligations and options under U.S. immigration laws.


Other professional services we offer include:

  • Development and Monitoring of Best Practice Guidelines
  • Monitoring and Review of In-House Immigration Practices
  • Development of Immigration-related Personnel Policies
  • Advice and Representation During Government Investigations and Compliance Audits



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